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The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy is a wonderful story about healing, recovery and self-esteem. For ages 4 and up.

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The Adventures of Sandi and ClammyBefore Clammy meets Sandi, she’s one sad shellfish. She’s sad because she is lonely, and then, she finds a friend in Sandi, a fresh, young grain of sand who Clammy takes under her shell. “The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy” tells the story of how friendships are formed, what happens when friendships change, and how important it is to love yourself and move forward after loss.

Dora Henderson, Florida-licensed therapist, is the author of “The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy,” and the creator of the Sandi and Clammy puppets that accompany this delightful children’s book. Ms. Henderson has counseled numerous families and individuals who have experienced grief and loss. She created this book and the puppets to be used as a tool in play therapy, specifically to help young children process and understand grief and loss.

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1 review for The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy–Book Only

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dora Henderson

    If you haven’t read Dora Henderson’s first children’s book, “The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy,” finish this email and go order it. Where has she been hiding? Her story spoke to me as an adult and as a little girl. I didn’t see it coming, but there it was. Her words ministered right where i have lived and am still challenged today to some degree.

    A children’s book, no less. Watch out “Velveteen Rabbit!” Dora’s story unfolds what’s in the handkerchief, when life has weakened our heart’s immune system; and we believe our own lies about ourselves that we are ugly and insignificant, and of no value. And she displays what happens when we receive that healing dose of love for our much too common cold of self contempt.

    Her story reminded me to give thanks, for all the people God has sent and still does, to nurture my sandy countenance.

    Dora’s book clearly gives a birds eye view into some of our wounded, human hearts, big or small, encapsulated inside of an insecure, protective, abrasive sandy surface. We find hope for ourselves when Dora’s character Sandi; an irritable, moaning, speck of sand, finds an unexpected treasure,named Clammy; who wields the art of unconditional love, ready at a moments notice. Dora’s offering says, “Love changes us,” and the metamorphosis of her character Sandi; under Clammy’s “Florence Nightingale-ish” care;materializes a “drop dead gorgeous” product of what happens under true love’s pressure point massage. This book lets us daydream and hope and pray that though we might feel insignificant; we can believe God, that we are loved and meant to be loved no matter what we think about ourselves. And under His right conditions, our unique beauty will shine, regardless of how we feel or how we act right now.Dora weaves and leaves a birthplace for us to try to guess what might happen to both characters as they grow and change through the years,because of an an abrupt change that takes place in their lives. Smart cookie, this Dora; I feel she invites us to place ourselves, the readers into her capable hands to tell parts of our own stories in her books.Her title suggest more adventures, so i will look forward to reading about the changes Sandi and Clammy will have to walk, swim or roll through,in their lives to learn the lessons needed to heal and press towards, how fully they can be, who God says they are, this side of heaven. Dora has launched herself into a children’s series that will speak volumes, both to children and adults struggling with insignificance, and pointing out where their significance needs to be realized; in the sea of God’s depthless,breathtaking, loving heart.

    Dora is a dauntless, playful and insightful storyteller. Can hardly wait for the next renderings.

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