Nature has a cool way of solving problems

A pearl starts off as an irritant inside a clam. The clam really is bothered and irritated by the grain of sand that is rough on the edges. In order to make the object smoother and less “annoying” the clam rolls the object around and around on her tongue, covering her in a substance called “nacre” which coats the pearl with a substance that makes it less of a painful experience for the clam. How cool is that? The clam is helping smooth away the irritable bumps and rough spots to help make it a better living partner inside it’s shell. I love to talk to kids about irritants, and how Nature solves problems.

My story teaches children that sometimes we are grumpy and irritable and rough around the edges at times. We talk about “irritants” and what irritates us. I love hearing kids opinions of irritants, and kids sure tell it like it is. What makes you irritable and grumpy? I tell children that I am often grumpy like Sandi the grain of sand. Let’s face it, we all have our moments. Teaching kids to express their feelings and share when they are grumpy is great for mental health, as well as giving them tools to cope with the grumpy days.  Coping tools, whether it be through music, art, exercise or reading. are great ways to cope with life stressors. We also need to surround ourselves with positive people who will encourage and affirm us so that if we face many irritable trials, we can find a safe place and a safe person to help us cope. Who helps you cope when you are irritated? Do you have someone you can vent with?  What tools do you use?