What do you think about yourself? Sometimes we think thoughts that are hurtful to us and not helpful.

” I wish I had not made that investment” or “If only I had taken that job, I would have been more successful.” Wow, these are thoughts that can tear us down and keep us living in the past. Irrational thought patterns only hurt us and do not build us up. We need to become mindful and harness these negative thoughts and look to the future. Today and the future is a blank slate-what do you want to have written on those pages of life?

Many adults compare themselves to others and often feel that they have not performed their best, or had an epic failure on the job that day, or blew it with a client. Refocus and look at the event in a new light. What can you learn from that event that felt so tragic? I recently felt that I had blown it with a client. We were two ships that really just sailed past each other. I found myself wallowing in some self pity, but not for long. I had to realize I did the best I could for that person. I refused to beat myself up. I looked at the event and am using it to help me be a better counselor in the future. Many people ruminate and rehash the negative, only causing anxiety and frustration. Again, seek a counselor to help with anxiety. 

Redirect those hurtful thoughts into positive helpful thoughts. Have you struggled with negative self talk? What do you use to cope? Share your tips and advice, I would love to hear your thoughts.