About ‘The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy’

Clammy is Miss Encouragement, cheering up all her sad friends in the sea, then one day she gets an unexpected new friend in her shell who needs an attitude adjustment.

“The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy” tells the story of how friendships are formed, what happens when friendships change, and how important it is to love yourself and move forward after loss.

Dora Henderson, Florida-licensed therapist, is the author of “The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy,” and the creator of the Sandi and Clammy puppets that accompany this delightful children’s book. Ms. Henderson has counseled numerous families and individuals who have experienced grief and loss. She created this book and the puppets to be used as a tool in play therapy, specifically to help young children process and understand grief and loss.

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